Fox Valley Advocacy Coalition: Serving People with Disabilities and the Elderly in Northeast Wisconsin and the Fox Valley
Legislative Advocacy:

Legislative Advocacy:

The Fox Valley Advocacy Coalition collects and distributes information on important issues and current legislation to inform legislators, voters and the general public.  It also mobilizes citizens to write letters of support or concern about key public issues.  FVAC has advocated with legislators and other public officials on topics such as the Regional Transit Authority, guardianship, and the Home Care Initiative.



FVAC educates agencies and the community about the rights and needs of people with disabilities and the elderly.  FVAC has educated key stakeholders about important issues: Family Care, guardianship, fixed-route transportation changes, home care options. FVAC has informed people about services like Options for Independent Living, make the ride happen, and how to get help with important issues.



FVAC is trying to maximize the independence of people with disabilities and the elderly by insuring the availability of affordable, accessible transportation options.  FVAC advocated to keep evening transportation, supports the regional transit authority legislation in the Fox Valley, takes para transit consumer comments or complaints, supports Making the Ride Happen, and has discussions with Valley Transit on how transportation affects those they serve who are elderly or have a disability.



Some FVAC members advocated for higher penalties for disabled parking violations. Through legislation penalties were raised to $300 in Appleton, WI and eventually Wisconsin wide.  It is hoped a large fine will be a deterrent for illegal parking.  Special parking for people with disabilities ensures easy access to vehicle and place of business.  Many people with disabilities have restrictions on distance walking or need special equipment for accessing their vehicle.

FVAC Member Represented Groups – List 1

FVAC Member Represented Groups – List 1

  • Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC)
  • Covey
  • DisabilityVoice (DV)
  • East Central Wisconsin Regional Transportation Planning Commission
  • Easter Seals Wisconsin
  • Making the Ride Happen (LSS)
  • Options for Independent Living
FVAC Member Represented Groups – List 2

FVAC Member Represented Groups – List 2

  • Outagamie County Aging Services
  • Outagamie County Housing Authority
  • SOAR Fox Cities
  • The Office for the Blind and Visually Impaired
  • United Way Fox Cities
  • Valley Transit
  • WisconSibs, Inc.
  • Wisconsin AAC


  • Read the Previous Meeting Notes before the August 17, 2021 Meeting.

    Previous Online Meeting May 18, 2021

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  • Wisconsin Assembly Person Rachael Cabral-Guevara (R) of District 55 will be at the Fox Valley Advocacy Coalition (FVAC) of Appleton Online Meeting.

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    October. 19, 2021 at 1:30p

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  • The Fox Valley Advocacy Coalition Remote Meeting

    Tues, May 18, 2021, 1:30 PM, Full Agenda and Zoom Link      Notes From March 16, 2021    

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    • Discussion on Listening Session for People with Disabilities
    • Update on MRH/Winnebago Catch A Ride
    • Valley Transit II

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  • The FVAC Accessible Parking Committee (APC) has developed and created sticky notes to educate Parking Violators about Disabled Parking. If there is a car parked in Disabled Parking, a tire is over the line into Disabled Parking, or a tire is on the line of the Disabled Van Drop Zone, and the vehicle has no indication of belonging there, put a sticker on the driver’s-side window halfway up in the middle.  Then, per the  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), capture a time-stamped photo including License Plate and Disabled Parking Sign and a ticket can be issued.  After you place the sticky note and take the photo contact, Joe Martin at 920 585 5593.  To obtain sticky notes contact Jill Gretzinger at 920 832 0344 or + Read More

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    Transportation for people with disabilities is inadequate throughout Wisconsin. Many People with Disabilities can’t afford their own transportation. Many times people with disabilities are limited to their own county or town. Sometimes the transportation service doesn’t run evenings or weekends. People with disabilities have been left stranded because they simply weren’t quick enough to get out to their ride in cold weather. Also, transportation can be up to an hour early or an hour late for the appointment which makes it difficult to plan a ride.
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