Fox Valley Advocacy Coalition: Serving People with Disabilities and the Elderly in Northeast Wisconsin and the Fox Valley

Remote Meeting Info

FVAC is currently using Zoom for Its Remote Meetings. Each Remote Meeting will have its own Internet Link which will be located on each Remote Meeting Agenda Post on this website and it will be emailed on the attached Agenda. Zoom will have to be downloaded and installed on your Computer, Tablet, or Smart Phone. You will want to do this a few days ahead of time in case a problem arises. The following is how this is done on the various devices.

Computer Browser: When you click on the Remote Meeting Link for the first time it will automatically Download and Install Zoom.  Just click on the Remote Meeting Link early.

Computer Auto-Install Doesn’t Work: Do a Manual Install by using the following Link.

Android Phone/Tablet or iPhone/Tablet or Windows Tablet: Proceed to your appropriate Play or App Store.

For Additional Help: Email Timothy Carey
Note: Tim on not be available for installs the day of the Remote Meeting, but he will help with installs a few days before the Remote Meeting.  Although, he will be available for other types of problems the day of the Remote Meeting.